I’m Not a Song to Be Sung

I’m Not a Song to Be Sung

“I’m Not a Song to Be Sung” is a three-channel video installation concerns a generation of Iranians whose lives have been affected by long years of war, international sanctions, and civil and social pressures after the Iranian Revolution in 1979. It also addresses the current situation of imbalance rooted in Iran’s social and economic instability for this generation.

Exhausted from their recent experiences, most of the work’s characters are now undertaking the process of immigration or are seriously considering leaving their homeland. Each character was asked to stay underwater and recite lines from a Persian poem by Shamlou in English. Despite recording audio with advanced hydrophone technology, the content of their voices is unintelligible. The duration of each reading ranges from several seconds to over a minute.

Project Crew

Underneath, it’s all poetry: Tooraj ​Khamenehzadeh​’s ​I’m Not a Song to Be Sung by Natasha Chuk

I’m Not a Song to Be Sung, Iran and USA, 2018-2019 © Tooraj Khamenehzadeh

Exhibition Images
3:34” Looped, Three Channel Video Installation, Color High-Definition